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To hinder the unstoppable is never just an error in judgment!
It can be the hopeless fight of the moral, or the petty tactics of the immoral.
Making a wrong decision is quick and easy. To admit one, is long and painful.
An amateur is a person who asks questions, but doesn’t listen to the answers.
The fine line between a genius and a crazy, is the sharp line between truth and illusion.
Family is the first and closest environment that will never recognize who you really are.
Family is the beginning of all lies and the end of all hopes.
The epigones don’t know what’s going on, so they keep dropping names and shift to who’s going on.
Teachers teach what you don’t need and they don’t know.
All work is slavery! The less it feels like the more it is slavery of the mind.
Those talk most who have nothing to say.
Politicians choose sides and then believe very firmly for what they stand for.
Communism was a boxer with an inferiority complex. It didn’t fail, it didn’t even lose, it just gave up because no one believed in him anymore.
Absolute freedom is only an abstract concept. To achieve it, one would have to be able to act with absolutely no consequences. But wait a minute! Modern democracies give you this act. It’s called voting.
They say schools are doors to the world. That’s the problem, they should be windows to the universe.
Politicians, judges, lawyers and cops serve two goals: To turn all who want to change society into criminals and to protect all criminals who are accepted by society.
God gave matter to the devil, so the truth could be revealed the only way it exists for us, as a conquest over deception.
Time is the greatest and most cruel illusion of matter.
The only weapon you have against the devil is the truth.
The only thing in which people are equal, is how much you have to love them all. But once you try to love them individually, you see the differences and you start to hate them.
Something is more than nothing. Yet the “nothing” is more than everything.
Truth is always an oversimplification to those who have an invested interest in keeping things complicated.
Religion is the force feeding of the soul.
Trusting in God, is the best cover of not trusting anybody, including yourself.
Math & Physics
Good mathematics is common sense used with the most uncommon precision, to prove common sense itself.
Bad mathematics is precision to prove proof itself and hide common sense.
Good philosophy is common sense used to overcome common sense itself.
Bad philosophy is common sense used to reassure common sense itself.
Applied mathematics is like going to church without believing in God.
But physics is believing in God without going to church.
And indeed, physics is not its equations.
Life is only too short to learn about these things, if you are always too busy to do less important things.
- From ‘Fundamental Physics (Section Tides)’
Jefferson was dreaming of a society where the law protects the poor and forces the wealth of the rich to work for all!
And indeed, they achieved one, where the poor is forced to work and all that the law protects is the wealth of the rich!
Roman citizenship was an underserved privilege given to immoral puppets, so a few in power could play with the world under the disguise of democracy.
Gee, it’s good that the world today isn’t ruled by those Romans.
“Lucky country” is an expression the Australians use to avoid being grateful to nature and remorseful towards the Aborigines.
“Fair go” and “aussie mateship” are delusions of the Australians to avoid seeing their country in the grip of the most greedy form of capitalism on the planet.
In Australia, guns were outlawed faster than a speeding bullet.
In Australia, the police make so many mistakes that they had to pass a law of exempting them from any liability.
In England, the cops have respect, in other countries they have guns.