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If what you say is not clear to others then either you don’t see what you’re talking about or you didn’t say what you see. Almost all people are in the first class.
They have no vision to tell but by too much talking they believe that they see something.
For those who see something but don’t say this, the cause can again be twofold.
Either they don’t really want to say what they see, or have a false belief that to explain perfectly what they see is hopeless. This second is actually a trap.
A trap built by them to trap themselves. Because:
The explaining of what we see are the only true avenues of awakenings.
Both about the things we see and about who we are.

In an age of deception of course, clarity is appreciated only by few.
In truth, this loss of appreciation for clarity is caused by self-deception.
And only this road to clarity for others can bring out someone from self-deception.

The urge of just clearing things for ourselves is merely an obsession to see what we own.
The point is the opposite! To disown what we see.
To tell it in an even more dramatic tone:
Giving others the most important we own, what we see, is the road to salvation for us.

Not everybody can get onto this road. Very few today.
But everybody can realize the self-deception itself, if simply accepts what I claim, the perfect transferability of this seeing part of our thinking.

To tell straight out lies is only the most obvious and least dangerous way of deceiving others because we don’t deceive ourselves.
To tell truths but keep other truths we see clearly, to ourselves is where real deceptions of others and also hidden self-deceptions start. The oath to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, is the only way to tell the truth.
One may excuse himself by saying that the full truth is too complicated.

God doesn’t expect the full truth from you! Only the truth that he already gave you and you falsely think it’s yours. And to give it back to him is by sharing it with others!

But to recognize God, one first must recognize the Devil, the greatest deceptor.
Deceptions serve him and he has a goal!
You can not fight him by being honest or following the commandments.
Giving yourself to God as a decision is a good thing but personal. At once as you start relating to others you violate this purity. So what should be your guide in this world run by the Devil? Honesty to others? Sounds nice but the only real meaning behind it is honesty in telling others what you think. Polite acceptable lies do not exist in God’s eye.
He threw you into this world run by the Devil, so you can still defy the Devil.
Not by going away from this world, rather being his little eye, mouth and arm.
So first of all, this world is to be observed by you.
You must understand as much as you can about matter.
But these understandings can become deep deceptions if you only serve as eye and not as mouth. You may talk and tell others what you understood as new truths of this world, but this is not being a mouth of God.
Newton said “humbly” that if he could see further than others, it was because he stood on the shoulders of giants. Nicely put but his student avoiding his classes showed something else. That he was not a mouth of God. Had he been caring to share his visions better, he would have seen even further. And not in a metaphysical sense that he tried to avoid but exactly in his physics! God didn’t make Newton the human being he was! God only gave him the insight but kept the rule of the game! Left Newton with free will.
Newton’s lack of urge to enlighten others and lack of belief that everybody could perfectly understand every single of his recognitions lead to become a bitter man.
The same goes for Einstein! They both had very good reason to regard the average people stupid and thus only looked for acceptance by the experts. And the experts turned out to be even stupider. What they both missed was a simple recognition. How they got their recognitions. That everything they realized was only lent them by God.
Revealing this, would have altered the world in an other sense, beyond the change caused by just revealing their material recognitions.
Did they improve the world by revealing only what they realized about matter?
To answer this we must contemplate what they could have done. As I indeed did contemplate this already in my previous sentence.
Not contemplating the “could have” is automatically obeying the Devil.
So indeed, we can put them on pedestals.
This avoids both understanding what they realized and what they didn’t.
I can sense a momentary silence in your mind. Can we do things better?
I can only try to do things perfectly. I failed in so many things that I can not fail by abandoning these two presents that God gave me. The urge to teach and the didactical eye to explain. The three fateful material encounters, mathematics high school, reading Hegel and using LSD were that made me realize those two presents. That’s how blind I was, in spite of carrying those presents in my soul.
At the age of fifty, I received a new third present from God. In this acquired language I started to write songs that are obviously not coming from my head. So our souls can produce such states of becoming mediums too.
It’s good to receive something from the other side. As a mathematician I was always hoping to be blessed by understanding “why” the Continuum Hypothesis has to be undecidable. All real mathematicians must hope for this. Most of course don’t even know what I’m talking about. But the worst are those who know and yet believe that there is no “why”. That truths can be meaningless to us.
We live in this temporary acceptance of being forsaken by God.
The real problem behind this is the ignorance of the Devil who runs the show now on the surface. Indeed, by ignoring him, one gets to be a servant of him at once!

Janos Havas

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Brave New World
It’s been more than half year that I added the last new section to this introduction.
My aim to move back to Europe did not change. In few weeks I am flying off but not permanently yet. The goal of the film “Ginger Bread House” is also alive but the full script will be put on the site only later.
The two most important new additions to this site were the two Crown Jewels. One in the Didactical Gems section and one in the Philosophy. This second is still unfinished.
Into this introduction I only place segments that mean some personal step or an important shift in explaining the whole goal of this site. This one will be of this second type:
The title above is a reference to the new science series, which of course is a reference to the famous futuristic Huxley novel. In fact, the original title was itself a reference.
It’s now obvious to everyone that the original cold prophecy of the novel was false in a direct sense but the mentioned new science series reflects a much deeper counter claim, a truly brave or happy new world. The series is narrated by Steven Hawking.
Hawking’s announcement a year ago that he solved all problems behind the Big Bang and we can now envision our full reality as scientifically explainable evolution, was a shock to me. His participation in this travesty is just an after shock. His machine generated voice saying that “A handful of scientists create a world where illness is a thing of the past” is comical. But when I laughed, I wasn’t paying much attention to the word “handful”. Now I see that it’s crucial. It reveals his elitism. The masses are a stupid sheep who will merely enjoy the “Brave New World” created by the “handful”.
To enjoy knowledge unknown or rather not understood, can not be a “joy”, so in short the word “enjoy” contains “joy” not just formally. This is one refutation of Hawking’s ridiculous optimism. A more personal attack could be to ask him his opinion about how people know physics. His excellent book “Brief History Of Time” did not alter the appalling state of physics education. Less and less people understand the Newton Laws.
The crucial point is that he doesn’t see a big problem in education, society, rather accepts that some, or rather most people simply unable to conceive physics. This is not only false but it is an elitism.
My aim is now to show how this false elitism spreads down to the details. How education intentionally tries to manufacture the “sheep”.
To show the roots of this new blatant materialism I have to guide you toward an argument that happened a hundred years ago. It is very well documented and happened between a new scientifically motivated idealism and the new communist ideology, dialectical materialism. Strangely, this term was not Marx’s creation rather of a much less dialectical mind, Dietzgen. But the true champion of this “open” materialism was Lenin.
The crucial book “Materialism And Empirio Criticism” was a required reading, in fact almost a “Bible” in communist times and yet it lead nobody to really discover the depth behind this strange expression “Empirio Criticism”. The reason for this is simply that nobody read the attacked originals. Lenin’s method was to meticulously dissect the contradictions in his idealist opponents and not even try to convey the problems behind those contradictions. So, actually a root of elitism can be found right here in the ideology of the seemingly most egalitarian philosophy. First of all, we have to realize that Lenin himself did have a glimpse into the reality of the problems raised by the new idealists. The fact that he never repeats those problems is a tactical and deliberate choice. How deeply he saw those problems, is an other question. The crucial point is that as I mentioned, this new idealism was scientifically motivated unlike the earlier big idealisms of Hegel or his opponent Schopenhauer. The two major initiators of the new direction were Avenarius and Mach. Lenin knew very smartly that this new idealism is the real threat against materialism. These can not be handled as simply as saying that “Marx turned Hegel’s idealism from its head to its feet”.
To see the situation clearer we have to go to some strange extremes:
Darwinism was met with some resistance, especially from religion but there were very early universalizations of it too. This means two directions. One that extends biological evolution, to evolution of all matter and one above biology, to explain all human factors. An amazing such higher absolutization was expressed by Karl Vogt, saying that all our emotions and thoughts are simply by products of our brain as urine is of the kidney.
Avenarius made the counter claim, that human thoughts can not be the results of the brain alone. Lenin never repeated Vogt’s drastic claim but regarded him just like Feuerbach, one of “the good guys” merely being too over simplified, “mechanical materialists”.
The crucial point is that behind this new middle ground of rejecting mechanical materialism and accepting matter itself as dialectical, lies the previously mentioned root of elitism. What this view does is simply channeling all problems into science and then claim that the left over in philosophy is a materialism. All the “how”-s are scientific details and the “what” is simply matter. Worst of all, in the eyes of dialectical materialism, not seeing the details but being a mechanical materialist is a lesser crime than “getting lost” in the details and becoming an evil idealist. The most evident proof of this false direction is Lenin’s own “theory” of the mind as the reflection of the world by the brain. This tricky word “reflection” avoids all the problems of the “how” and puts matter as foundation mechanically and formally. In fact, Lenin explicitly says that the crucial point is what someone regards as “primary”, matter or the reflection, thought.
A simple acceptance of matter’s originality is the “essence” not how one thinks. So we see here in philosophy what later became the simple “truth”, following the party line.
But this stupidity of materialism “evolved” in the counter world, in the open society too.
The new materialism of the globalized world is also based on avoiding the details, the “how”-s. The new puppet masters are Academia and the Media.
The most over simplified but still valid description of the present situation is this:
Knowledge is spread on four levels: Elementary, high school, tertiary and top.
Problems of the material world should be encountered at the high school level.
Instead it climbed out of the tertiary into the top!!!
So, this is how Academia became the system of new demagogues.
Evolution is the crucial subject that reflects this tragic situation best:
The drastic views of Vogt were not shared by the “top” already hundred years ago.
Darwin’s simple idea that the mutations are selected by nature, can only explain an evolution through continuous advantageous stages. In some final advantageous features like the long neck of the giraffe or the sharp tooth of the tiger, these intermediate steps are obvious as gradually longer neck or sharper and sharper tooth. If the evolved features are complicated structures then a true proof of evolution by selection would require to show the intermediate structures that were all advantageous already. How conscious Darwin was of this whole problem, is shown by his thoughts about the evolution of the eye. This is a complex structure and we don’t really see animals with intermediate eye structures. The higher we go in structures, like the brain or going even further as behaviors created by the brain, a proof of evolution by showing the intermediate steps becomes almost impossible. So, we are left with a mere belief that “somehow” the advantageous purposeful or teleological structures always can gradually be selected from random mutations. To attack this blind faith in the universality of selection, would obviously be more convincing if the counter example were as simple as possible, so not involving the evolution of the brain, even less the instincts dictated by the brain or even less the human factors. In short, the inner attacks against the universality of self evolution by chance were forced to find some simple counter examples and not rely on the big philosophically easy idealisms that start with human thought. But strangely even the obviously insane creationists started to go into details of elementary biological structures that “could not evolve”. So then the “Intelligent Design” became a misleading umbrella.
These “irreducible complexities” were all successfully dodged by the materialists and shown to be able to evolve by gradual selections. The deeper philosophical question whether then in theory every structure or process in itself must be a non coincidental rather accidental product of evolution was not raised.
We can easily envision intelligent coincidences, miracles. These not occurring in nature are the underlying basic proof of materialism.
But miracles are occurring in everybody’s life continually!
So, did idealism slip into a personal belief that science must dodge in general?
These are hard questions but luckily irrelevant to my point here.
The non problematic demagogue enforcement of materialism in the new globalized free world is a real process. Breeding a brave new sheep. Or to be concrete:
The mindless “teaching” of evolution doesn’t want to, or worse, doesn’t even allow to address the whole problematic feature of selection due to the necessity of intermediate structures. The status quo is simply that whatever we see as purposeful is an illusion and merely a result of selection.
But there is a much deeper second problem with evolution that at present not raised even by the top layer of professionals. This has to do with the new phase that started with the discovery of the DNA. Genetics in one sense was a vital verification of Darwinism but in other sense opened a whole new set of bottles with idealist genies in them. Strangely, the older problem of intermediate structures is not that important in the light of these new ones. Indeed, the mutations are now concrete, happening to the genes but they don’t create the features directly rather through protein synthesis. The length of the giraffe’s neck or the structure of the eye are not so different in this context but both are part of a deeper puzzle.
The tinkering with the genes of course is a technology now, that spreads the over simplified materialism as wild fire in the globalized mind set. The black hole of understanding what’s really happening is ignored and Darwinism is a new religion.
So, sadly what the crazy creationists say, that evolution is just an other belief is true but not the way they mean it, rather actually in a worse sense.
The bigger picture is Formalism, the avoidance of all “how”-s.
And this is an elitism. Only the handful of top scientists have to bother about problems.
The sheep should just “enjoy” the results of technology and worship materialism.
This real “Brave New World” doesn’t seem so bad from the aboves but actually it’s more sinister than the original prophecy.
I leave you to see this for yourself. And God Bless You!
Janos Havas  28th of March 2012
My Personal Triple Whammy
As I mentioned last week in front of the short Ars Poetica, I removed a personal section.
And now I still will be very personal. This is however about my fatal triple commitment that makes my life so hard and seemingly almost hopeless. I regard it also to be personal in an other sense though. As I also mentioned, my brother Peter urged me to remove the “ugly” personal details about practically all my family members.
Peter himself was the only one reflected positively but I didn’t really emphasize this crucial feature enough. My Mother mentioned it many times that “our Peter” just like the Biblical one is a “rock” upon whom the whole family and even strangers who know him, can rely.
But on this visit a different side of his solidity became more important to me. This is his born and never challenged Puritanism. Now I weep as I admit that earlier I stupidly regard this as merely being boring “goody two shoe”. The point of this mistake is not the moral falsity in my judgment but the factual error lying behind it. The false assumption on my side was a “conformity” but in truth, Peter is the least conforming person I know.
This was the underlying cause that allowed me to make contact and reveal my idealism.
So it makes perfect sense to me that I continue this personal tone and regard this whole section that follows as I would tell him, to know better why I am who I became.
In the Ars Poetica many dualities and trios were drawn.
The child is born into the duality of Media and Academia.
The third aspect, consumption is delayed! The child wants “stuff” especially toys but somehow and mysteriously, this consumption lacks the very essence, the economic reality of the world. To be even more blunt and also more truthful: Lord Money has not yet any hold on the child. When my short play “The Treason Of The Overlords” will be published then this expression “Lord Money” will have an even more sinister meaning.
Puberty, this strange period again has a mystery, namely how all that obvious side of it can hide the loss of real innocence, the innocence to Money.
At the same time “School’s Out Forever” and so the adult shifts into the new duality of Media and Money. That is, the new more complex work and consumption or even the underlying being privileged force field is able to put its ugly fingers on the individual’s soul. Before, it was innocent laziness that stopped learning and understanding and thus also create a false sense of Joy. Now it is for Life, for keeps.
So Money, this singular and seemingly so simple entity is actually a most complex system of the material bindings. These subjective sides being involved in it means also that a purely objective economic analysis of society is totally false. The economic Nobel Prizes are all covering up a final black hole, due to the truth of idealism. Most surprisingly, the truthfulness of idealism can pinpoint a new third duality that lurks behind Money. This is Profit and Proof.
Derivability or proofs, are not merely a mathematical phenomenon! But Math is where it connected with effectivity in a surprising manner. In Life, effectivity was there all along and the proof as special usability was the hidden feature.
So this was described as a minimal snap shot of the ugly present we live in.
Dualities are parallel, compensating or directly opposing processes.
But “trios” are a more formal feature. And yet reality always forces the dualities into trios. To over simplify all these into a single scheme is doomed and Hegel failed too.
We can only accept these trios as they appear.
The most ancient one is the Hindu God aspects that falsely lead to the later belief that an actual multi God system was behind it. The emphasized singular western God of course itself split in three as the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. But these theological and thus self deceiving manifestation are also self induced. The truly real western appearance of the first grand trio was the historical reality of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. How idealism was and still is crucified by the unstoppable rule of  Matter, is simply sweating out these trios. Even the seemingly internal history of the material “conquest” is actually ruled by spiritual trios like Galileo, Kepler and Newton. The perfection how Newton is a combination of Galileo’s earthly gravitationless falls and Kepler’s gravitationless orbits is so undeniable that the trio itself is innocent even to the materialist. But no trio is innocent! Deep idealism is always behind! The fact itself that gravitation could only grow out from the combining is a mystery! Even deeper mystery is that Galileo’s falling law had to be rewritten and even deeper one is that the ellipses of Kepler are actually hiding behind and seem to be irrelevant.
In the new introduction I finally called the essence of this site Cognum what it is. The third step in idealism. After Plato’s concepts and Kant’s a priories, the non material or pre material content is conceived in its full reality as the elemental actions of understandings. So, true learning is always relying on things that exist before the truly learnable the understood. This itself is a simple matter of fact, a didactical reality but the recognition of it is an extra step. And this is the root of the Triple Whammy, the title refers to.
To look it in my own history, the trio had to evolve painfully!
In the beginning of uni I was still not an idealist. But I was a fully functioning didactical machinery. The “others” learnt it that when my hand was up and I said “I don’t get it” then it always it turned out that nobody “got it” either but they simply didn’t even realize that.
Idealism came “accidentally” and I made no connection towards the didactical instinct.
It also came accidentally that I had to tutor and realized the universal importance of didactics. Decades and decades passed without the connection and instead a social leftism “forged” out only.
These three, the didactical instinct, the idealist belief and the anti social experience are a single reality, split by my own material stupidity, my original sin. The real question today is whether they have to be combined when I step outside the social arena. Why couldn’t I convince some influential people in the Academia that didactical correctness is more important than artificial derivabilities. In short I should lie, go along and criticize a narrower field only in the insane material world.
This doesn’t work “unfortunately” or maybe “fortunately”!
The insanity of Wikipedia is known by everybody who uses it! But the admission of something beyond the power of that insanity is a different matter, or rather non matter at all! So a successful strategy against matter always attracts the full strategies of Matter and we can not trick the Material Overlords.
I am at war with the world whether I want it or not!
The system of lies can not tolerate any active truth. There are dead, formalized, purely derivational truths. In fact they form the biggest hold of fine matter. The spark, the activity of truth reveals that it is accessible to everyone and exists beyond derivability or experimental verification. This spark of understanding is dangerous to Matter, in fact it is fatal to it. Unlike phony idealism like religion or new age craziness that in strange ways actually strengthen the rule of Matter and derivability, only the purest spark, the consciousness of Cognum can challenge the Rule of Matter.
The economic dry rule of Money is only operating through the deep deceptions of every single individual human being’s life.
If all people were puritans like you Peter, this world would collapse.
To become puritan is to walk on the road of Yoga, to realize the illusion, Maya.
But these were not eastern ideas at all. The Pythagoreans were hunted down.
And yet later Socrates told his students when they walked through the market of Athens:
“So many things I don’t need”. So they had to kill him too!
After Plato “all cried out” beside the dying Socrates who drank the poison cup, fate pushed Plato much further. The true maturing of his idealism came in Life, hardly recognizable from his actual books. Aristotle had to betray Plato by his books and by his life too. The successful idealist didn’t work then and doesn’t work today. Final insult to the truth is to call Aristotle a materialist. But it is not really the final because we call Einstein a materialist too. We disregard even historical facts just to keep the spark out!
But I am still ticking and plan my new attack against Matter. Seemingly on two fronts.
Art and Philosophy. But my new films and my new Academy will be intricately related.
This is the only way to achieve something.
Ars Poetica
In my “New Start” ten days ago I revealed some details of the circumstances that initiated the writing of a novel and a play. As I also mentioned, these are actually film plans. The other side I revealed was a sudden realization that I have to return to Europe the second time again. I will remove this "New Start" section, due to a valid criticism from my older brother, Peter, even though it was very flattering to him. But being the nice person he is, he took some offence to expose other members of my family.
Today only art can reflect the philosophical depth of this site Cognum in a manner that is easily accessible to everyone. This doesn’t mean that all can easily get the “message”.
So there is a “message” in contrast to the opinions of those who try to ridicule this idea and regard film as business. In fact, all art has “message”.
But there is more too! All art is idealism that is contact with the “other side”. Even more personally, all artists are merely “mediums” and not “creators”.
Right now art can salvage itself only if it has an “Ars Poetica”, a clear manifesto of what it stands for. This itself is not art rather philosophy in a condensed and very dry manner. Yet its claims are so clear and striking that this is the most exciting information you can obtain. So here it is, this Ars Poetica:
Modern man obtains the social informations from two spheres, the Media and Academia.
The TV screens are the first educators and all children enter schools later. These two spheres are very different but both are lying systems that infect our minds with the most effective and subtle ways to become self deceiving too. In spite of all this, these two spheres are the only sources from which truth is learnt. This absolute truth is the Joy of Art and the Understanding of Science. Most amazingly, this Art and Science content is actually defined by these subjective roads themselves, that is by Joy and Understanding.
This hidden conflict that children live, is possible because they are still outside the economic reality of the world. A mysterious fact is that we all enter a turbulent period called puberty. The mystery is that beside its hormonal purely material reality, this is also a potential awakening and rebellion against the already known lies of the world.
Unfortunately, the world always wins. The new slaves enter society. Economic Reality becomes unavoidable. Academia’s lies fade away and the Media’s change their importance. So now the new two grinding stones are Entertainment and Consumption.
Money, the new reality has a strange other counterpart, that was a merely inconvenient but overemphasized part of education namely Math. Money and Math are both distorted by society and thus become Profit and Proof.
This duality, Profit and Proof is the ultimate double lie of our age!
Strangely, the obsession with Profit is evident and open to all, while the obsession with Proofs is only happening in hidden avenues.
So the absolute truth of our age is simple:
Joy and Understanding that could influence each other and reach a detachment from matter, is replaced by Entertainment and Consumption to keep us in matter.
Society achieves all this by reducing reality to Profit and Proof.
This reduced reality is an illusion, in the ancient times also called as “Maya”. The road to awakening was Yoga. These were not merely “oriental” discoveries. Or rather Europe was very oriental too. In fact, only Europe struggled through a continuous fight of denying and always rediscovering Yoga. This is the truth of our “Western Civilization”.
America became a first new false reality of Profit. America was never a Melting Pot, only the land of denied conflicts. And yet, the first modern rebellion against this new age also happened there. The sixties and the hippies were a naïve and failing rebellion that in the end served only one purpose, to weaken the underlying eternal cause. This is the social suppression of Joy and Understanding. Leary only emphasized the suppression of Joy and the role of LSD was associated to this too, falsely! Indeed, the true miracles were the instant understandings induced by it. They showed that simple common sense blind spots keep us stupid. The big truths have been in front of our eyes for ever! This ignorance of the truth is the crucial middle of the three ancient material binding forces by Yoga, namely: passion, ignorance and goodness. But Leary’s crucial achievement was not so hidden. He gave a new name for the social evil too, namely called it the “establishment”. This word reflects that it is not a political problem, not even a governmental or private capitalist reality and most importantly not an abstract social concept. Real people in real positions become the demagogues who create the establishment. But power or money is not directly the cause of these false lying attitudes. In fact, a new triple of the eternal individual attitudes emerges as: Didactical, Dialectical and Demagogue. The dialectical middle is the crucial self contradictory again. The free spirited artists, the metaphysical leftist liars must all recognize didactics as the real source of truth in order to recognize the demagogues too. So here the old passion, ignorance, goodness triple of material binding forces is recognized in a new more abstract version. This is related to an earlier premonition of the establishment and the demagogues behind it by Marx, namely as the so called “estrangement” or “alienation” induced by capitalism. And it was a perfectly correct prophecy. Strangely, the establishment of socialism was just as alienated as of capitalism and the singular lie of communism as future, was merely an added layer, a new religion. Because alienation is ultimately caused by Money and socialism was still using money. In fact this use of money became its own economic death trap too.
The new art form of Movies created its distorted “earthly” center also in America. This is Hollywood, a closed system of deceptions and lies.
Today we hear a lot about the new economic emergence of Asia. This new lie will play itself out in the near future.
To be European is a privilege that very few Europeans realize!
The fate of our earth will be decided in Europe, by European individuals not by the united economic realities of the world. All true artists and all true scientists eventually must realize this and must return to Europe. All existence elsewhere is doomed for creating art.
Being in Europe is not enough but here a new Academia will emerge.
Worthy of Plato and those who believed in him through history.
Dumb And Dumbers.
This week is a perfect occasion to relate my new introduction to the current events.
Red crosses on seriously gazing knights and other meaningless symbols appeared on our screens, thanks to the dumb Norwegian who successfully killed a lot of young labor party busy bodies. Politicians and even blind potential assholes are not particularly the people I shed tear for but I do feel sorry for these young people. They are not the “dumbers” I refer in the title. No, the dumbers are the media and political puppets who react instantly and meaninglessly. Serious faces and obligatory empty slogans. The Norwegian prime minister assured us in English that “We won’t be intimidated by violence!”.
The delusional mind of a moron did spin out into the delusional social existence because his manifesto and deep belief in the conflict of his social existence did get the attention he wanted. The conflict: The Islamic influence over Europe.
His soul doesn’t give a shit about Islam, but his soul was twisted and denied an even simpler cry. Yes, the truth is so simple! We all want a meaning beyond Life. Maybe a life even beyond life. The Islamic suicide bombers are not sure at all that they will enter paradise. Just like the Hashashin weren’t, in those less complex times. Simply the actions lead towards this kind of “solution”. But this blond pure blood definitely doesn’t believe in after life. He simply wanted a meaningful life here now. And the decades in prison will be such. He became somebody. Without learning, without understanding.
He became the black sheep. Now all the white sheep can look scared and say something meaningless. In the direct social arena there are no truths and there are no meaningful actions. So if you stay sheep you end up slaughtered.
Not caring about to obtain certainty in understanding how bodies fall or the giraffe evolved is exactly the existence of the sheep. There is no middle ground. Either you live by the money or in search of your soul. It’s hard to see how the rule of money induced the delusions to choose prison against freedom. And yet exactly that is what happened!
Janos Havas  28th of July 2011
New Introduction:
The name of this site “cognum” is derived from the word cognition, which means understanding. The “um” ending emphasizes that understanding is not an evolved human ability rather it relies on understandabilities existing before matter came about.
This “before” of course can also be conceived as beyond.
So cognum is a definite claim of idealism. In fact a third level of such claims.
The first level was Plato’s original idealism about the “concepts”. This implied thinking to be beyond matter. At that time it was not assumed yet that the brain should be the material creator of thoughts. Even Plato’s student Aristotle, later when became a collector of all accepted “wisdoms”, included the today so ridiculous “fact” that the brain is a blood cooling organ. It’s an irony that medieval Christianity accepted Aristotle almost as much as the Bible. So, unfortunately but not surprisingly, the truth of idealism got mixed up with plain stupidities by the organized religion too.
The greatest attack against this and the theological philosophy was the birth of physics.
Usually the Copernican revolution is emphasized and the burning of Bruno was indeed a horrifying event, but the real revolution happened a bit later by Galileo, Kepler and finally Newton. Galileo defied Aristotle’s other false wisdoms about the falling of bodies by experiments done at the Pisa tower. He invited the priests but they couldn’t care less. The real reason to see that Aristotle was wrong about the fallings was to go beyond and accept that he could have been wrong about the Earth as center too. The situation was more complicated as the over simplified “Copernican revolution” claims in a crucial concrete respect too. Namely, that picture of the Sun in the center and the planets circling around including the Earth, was not acceptable. The reason was simply the collected data of planet positions through decades by Tycho Brahe, who himself was also clueless about the true picture of our solar system. This was possible because those observations only recorded the angles of the planets seen from the Earth.
Kepler was the first in human history who used his abstract mathematical knowledge to guess the reality of matter. He realized that the Sun as center and orbiting planets around, will perfectly match Brahe’s data if we allow elliptic orbits instead of simple circles. He trusted Brahe’s data because he was there as his helper. When Brahe died he obtained the books by some questionable methods but it was for a bigger purpose. He wrote letters to Galileo asking him to support the new views. It’s a sad fact that Galileo never fully understood Kepler’s system. Even his final acceptance of the Sun as center and a moving Earth around was mostly influenced by his telescope showing the moons of Jupiter.
The combining of Galileo and Kepler happened by Newton. He literally realized that the new truths of the falling bodies and the new truths of the planetary orbits are the same. The orbiting planets are actually in fallings “to” the sun just as moons are falling bodies “to” the planets. Today we explain this by Newton’s cannon. If a cannon on the Mount Everest would shoot out a ball with bigger and bigger speeds going farther and farther, then at a certain speed the falling would be such that it follows the Earth all around and returns to the same point at the cannon. Then the falling becomes eternal orbiting. This is an over simplified picture not just because it ignores the realities of canons and the air that wouldn’t allow orbiting that low, but because it doesn’t explain the crucial more general elliptic orbits. Newton only allowed this picture of the canon in later editions of his book. In fact, first he was reluctant to publish anything, being afraid not just rejection but misunderstanding too. His fear was very justified. An other interesting motto to his book was the sentence: “Physics beware of Metaphysics”. Since then, gradually this meaning of Metaphysics as false philosophy became accepted, in fact some regard all philosophy as blubbering. The eternal point is idealism versus materialism. But today materialism is using exactly the false metaphysics that Newton warned about. Newton’s fear of misunderstandings became the standard form of “knowledge”. Newton himself was not only an idealist but believed in God too. Today we ignore or trivialize this falsely. Hegel who tried to maintain the original meaning of the word “metaphysics” replied to Newton’s motto that he actually said: “Physics beware of Thinking.” This was not a false reply but missed something new about physics and mathematics. The total failure of Hegel comes out by his claim that the number of planets obviously must be seven. For Kepler to regard the mathematics of the solar system as God’s direct laws was a temporary mistake in the right direction, but for Hegel it was revealing the total lack of understanding Newton and Physics in general.
This is especially important because Kant, the initiator of the new German idealism did understand Newton. In fact, this was the root of his second level of idealism moving from concepts to “a priori”-s. Here the framework of thoughts is assumed to be pre existing.
But the truth is even more shocking. Idealism has to be more concrete.
Cognum only expresses the concretization in one direction, still abstractly.
The other direction is the acceptance of coincidences, fate in both life and history.
The big twist is then that this other side is not understandable, it is the exact antipole of understanding and yet it is tied to it. This is the actual conflict of the present.
Denial of understanding and denial of coincidences seems like two fronts that the evil of materialism is using, but they form a complex single strategy.
Keeping people stupid and making them believe that they are mechanical is a single common process. It has to be. Understanding anything, goes always towards recognizing that we are beyond matter and there are fateful events beyond understanding.
Art, is sequential coincidence. The brain can not create art. It is merely a medium. This is especially surprising about poetry which seems like merely a choice of few words. But it is message using the already mystical language in an even more concretely mystical way.
Just as all true scientists who reached understandings, all true artists too who became mediums will feel idealism. Unfortunately, this doesn’t imply a full philosophical consciousness of their own experiences. False ego can cover up everything.
The non material self what we simply call the soul, manifests itself through understanding or becoming artistic medium. One goes by reaching back to the original elements, the other catching coincidences. The separation of the two forms is one reason of the failing to wider consciousness. But the concrete social force that dries out idealism is money. So quite amazingly, the everyday usage of “materialism” is the deepest meaning of it too! Nothing is new about this. Jesus told already how small is the eye of the needle but the born again scumbags try to re interpret wealth as compatible with a healthy soul. The media projects the same in general. Oprah Winfrey’s soul searchings are an obscenity, but all rich artist living in luxury are the same.
This contradiction of soul and money is the concrete form of the abstract contradiction between God and matter. These four compass everything in the universe in its present totality:
Understanding would prefer to reach God behind matter but we are living our lives in history where our concrete actions are stretched onto the concrete contradiction of soul versus money.
I am the only person from the billions living today on this planet who understood the situation that we are all trapped in. If your ego blinds you to learn from a man then you will learn from nothing. Religions and fashionable trends will only take you deeper in your confusions.
Janos Havas  25th of July 2011.
Now here are the earlier five introductions in order of time:
First original introduction:
Understanding is the deepest mystery, because the goal of understanding itself, is to avoid mysteries. But mysteries are unavoidable. The full and general scope of understanding, contains everything that could be understood. This general essence of understanding is what I call cognum.
This is beyond being human. What can be understood by all humans, is at once something that can be understood by all aliens. So our common thread is wider than our form of existence.
Since this general essence, is so deep, even its particular realizations are still mysteries. Like all mysteries, these tend to be misunderstood, or denied of their existence.
Formalism is the evil, originating in the good, to crystallize knowledge in forms easily acceptable by others. The root of evil is the departure from striving to make others understand fully what we see and feel, toward striving to be accepted.
The deeper verification through understanding is short changed for easy verifications.
The simplest verification is if we tell people what they believe in. They learn nothing but they like to hear that. More sophisticated verification is if our message complies with already accepted values of society. And indeed, name dropping and appeal to fame, are again an easy way to tell nothing but get acceptance. Even more complicated verification is if the message can be applied through technology or proved by unquestionable steps. These are the new results of Science and Math.
Verifiability is only the skeleton of truth. The real test of truth is understanding. Because understanding already contains the truth. We merely bring it out.
Society has a single mystery! In spite of being mindless and soulless, it has a goal.
This goal is exactly to turn against us by blocking understanding and thus, freedom.
Indeed, understanding is the only freedom from the fake values that society offers.
We first must purify our goal of understanding.
Namely, we must strive to spread understanding.
Everything else is merely enslaving others and self deception for us.
But this self consciousness of communication is not enough!
We also must fight Formalism, that is, the false communications of others.
In fact, for most, this will come easier, because most first want to understand and not spread understanding yet. And indeed, it’s easier to see the lies than avoid lying itself.
For those of us who decide to teach, the fight against Formalism must start with the relentless pursuit of clarity. To teach, it’s not enough to know. One must be able to remember, not to know. But if knowledge was gathered falsely, then there is not much to remember at all. So knowledge itself, can be false. Large and yet hollow. These individuals with large, false knowledge, are the real patsies of society. The blind spots in their knowledge allow them to feel complete.
And yet, for them to get rid of their lies is easier.
All they have to do is to decide to spread their knowledge. To decide to teach.
There is an old joke about a tutor who explained something already twice, but the student still couldn’t understand it. When after the third time, the student still didn’t get it, the tutor said, “You gotta be kidding me, now even I understood it finally!”.
This will exactly happen if the ones who know, really try to teach.
The personal side of Formalism is luckily very simple.
Unlike the complexities of the lies, the actions of lies are simply split. They can only be:
Either not telling what we know, what we see, or
telling things we don’t know, we don’t see, we don’t understand.
This second is then analyzed by our speculation about the consciousness of the liar.
So we go into whether the lying was self delusion or intentional.
But this whole direction is irrelevant and leads nowhere. The amazing good news is that the first simpler form of lying when we don’t tell what we see is all that we have to avoid.
The jungle of the second form will then disappear at once. Both personally and socially.
Not telling the things we see, rather tell things that are verifiable through paths that have nothing to do with understanding, is the accepted evil.
This is the only thing we must avoid.
Academia and Media the two silent partners of social lies will never come to this avoidance. Their whole existence relies on this evil. It can only come from individuals.
John Havas  28th of July 2009.
Second introduction:
The fundamental two claims on which everything else rests, is expressed by the name of this site “cognum”. Coined from the word cognition or understanding, it claims that:
Everything is understandable by all humans.
We don’t need special talents or knowledge only our human intelligence.
Understanding is wider than our human intelligence that reaches this state.
We share this with all alien intelligence.
The first claim implies a leftist, equality oriented political goal against the dominant opposite, inequality driven tendency in social reality.
The second claim implies an idealist belief in the pre-existence of this understandable part of the universe against the dominant tendency that regards the universe as matter and our understanding as a reflection coming about by matter.
So, my leftist idealism is an opposition to both the dominant social reality and the dominant social belief.
To start this way, that is admitting these two obvious boxes that you can put me in, was an effort to be honest from the start. Indeed, I claim that all truths are approachable simply, by common sense. But it is also useful as a selection. If you feel that you are a conservative or a materialist then you don’t have to waste your time just click exit.
To claim the existence of cognum, a non material essence that becomes material in our brain is wild enough, but then admitting that society acts against this, would not only seem paranoid but illogical too. Indeed, then society should represent a second just as fundamental principle of the universe. Or to accept the positive and negative feelings I attached to these and use a religious analogy, we could even say that:
The understanding individual is God.
The manipulating society is the Devil.
But as all analogies, this becomes false very soon.
Still, to push the analogy further, we could even say that the Devil is more complicated than God. This sounds almost sacrilegious and luckily it is not true.
Animals are individuals too and can not survive without the others of their species.
But for us humans, society became more than the “others”.
Only socialization can bring out our intelligence and only intelligence can reach understanding.  Thus, to claim that understanding is a fundamental principle, means the repossession of something through language, communication, cooperation and obedience. This does not imply an inherent contradiction with society in itself.
Society could have as goal this repossession, the spreading of understanding.
The fact that it does the opposite, that it hides understanding, is caused by the wider duality of existence and truth.
The existing matter as start, seemingly does not have understanding.
So, to claim that understanding evolves from matter is a natural explanation, an understanding itself. In all three levels. Cosmologically, biologically and individually.
The truth that the universe was already understanding even when matter was not understanding, means that matter had to obey eventually this feature or develop it. The difference in calling this merely an evolution or developing, comes out only in the details. In the understanding of the process itself.
Evolution is contradictory, developing is not. And yet in some sense, the first is simpler than the second. Namely, it gives an external explanation, gets rid of the seed of understanding mysteriously hiding behind matter. The fact that evolution is a truth is undeniable. The fact that it also leads to contradiction to explain even just all the animal behaviors is also undeniable. But this second is apparently denied. The religious dogma that God created all animal species ignored understanding from the start. Evolution intended to be an understanding and it did grasp some truth, in particular it grasped the origin of the species. So, Darwin chose very wisely the title of his book.
These are already very thought provoking understandings, but now comes a crucial much deeper distinction. Namely, between truth and understanding itself. From the aboves it might feel like they are the same, which of course would mean that I chose a stupid word for the claimed seed in the universe. It should have been called the truth and this is what we can grasp by understanding. But this is a lie! An empty abstraction. The truth is that truth is not predetermined in the universe, while understanding is. This might blow your mind and make you spin but this is natural. All empty abstractions can do this. Luckily, understanding is concrete.
To help you get a better grip on all the aboves, lets watch some cartoon together:
The road runner tricked the coyote again and tied the anvil to his neck with a rope.
The anvil being much heavier falls fast and pulls the poor coyote by the rope, almost chocking him. He tries to climb down towards the anvil and untie the knot but he’s too late and lands with anvil in the usual cloud of dust.
Aristotle more than two thousand years ago wrote down the physics of Warner Brothers and claimed that heavier objects fall faster and they keep on falling with the same speeds.
This second claim can be refuted instantly by dropping a stone on the sand from two different heights. Obviously from the higher drop the stone will make deeper impact in the sand. If the speed were constant through this longer fall, then the part of this fall starting from the smaller height would be identical with the fall itself from that height. But then how could they do different impacts. The landing speed at impact must be different. Our eyes are too slow to see differences in these speeds. Luckily our mind was sharp enough to see that we can couldn’t with our eyes. Poor Galileo made actual experiments to convince the priests of Pisa to show that Aristotle was wrong. His more surprising mistake that heavier object fall faster can also be defied without experiments by pure reason. Indeed, the anvil pulling the coyote downward means also that the coyote was actually slowing down the anvil. This is continually so while the coyote is climbing down and indeed a smaller rope does not make any difference. So when the coyote gets down and holds the anvil, it still pulls him down or in reverse it is slowed down by the coyote. Even if he would hug the anvil, it couldn’t change this fact. Now what if he jumps with the anvil, hugging it all the way down. They fall slower than the anvil would on its own. But that’s absurd because they are heavier and so should fall faster.
The reason we went watching cartoons was something about the universe, and so I can tell you the shocking relevance of all this:
The impossible fall of the coyote and the anvil is part of the universe even without gravitation. They are a false understanding so part of the better understanding.
The boring truth that all object fall with the same speeds, starting with zero speed and accelerating together, is just a truth of gravitation. This then requires a better understanding, and was given by Einstein. But that is still not the final one.
The first moral of the story is that contradicting beliefs can be simpler or easier to accept.
But the second moral is that abstract truth can not replace explanations, understanding.
To cut Darwin down to a dogma of evolution is even worse than this blind abstraction.
It is false abstraction. It is not oversimplified understanding. It is common lying.
Not because it is not true! But because it is the avoidance of understanding.
Covering up understanding is a bigger crime than being false!
Once you grasp this, then the whole concept of cognum will fall into your lap.
The professionals who claim these dogmas know exactly what contradictions those dogmas contain. This also means that to be a professional above a level means at once to see that a system of lies is operating. The social lies have this added secondary meaning too. Simply because lies have to use more and more new truths and they can only come from individual understandings. To claim that common sense can approach everything, means that these professionals are worse than false priests. That’s why Academia will be mentioned as the first among the three crucial sub systems that define society.
And yet the new society is open. So, everything that understanding needs is available for its own true progress through common sense. The unmentioned contradictions can be encountered. These are not telling yet what the truth is. They can help towards the truth but can avoid it completely too. So as always, lies can lead to truth or can cover up the truth. But we don’t need this cat and mouse game. Understanding is a perfect guide from the start. So the lies of society are unnecessary by sheer logic. Understanding could spread like wild fire. The corridors of power is only kept alive by knowledge. Privileged knowledge that knows nothing. So, what is this layer that seems like a conspiracy of the smartest and most stupid? It seems to be a man made extra layer. We could even point to vanity, greed and so on. But this is a delusion just as a conspiracy is. The fact that reveals that a deeper tendency is at work is the perfection of how the avoidance of common sense is achieved. And so it is Academia again that shows this. Education could bring about the most drastic change. It is where the new generation must be kept in the dark but to assume a conspiracy, to make education intentionally bad, is insane. The lies are created by themselves. And this includes all scientific and even mathematical lies. Those willing to go into these details will be complete converts who can never return or fall back.
So in a sense, the perfect understanding of cognum and its importance will come from mathematics and yet mathematics as a subject is totally irrelevant to it.
The logic that mathematics use to avoid understanding and reduce everything to derivations, is itself part of cognum. Inside mathematics this trend became even accepted and admitted as formalism. This is not new though, it was the essence of mathematics as social activity from the start. So mathematics is not just the purest science in the usual sense that it doesn’t rely on matter, only human intelligence, but also in an other sense that mathematicians are not aware of. Namely, that it is the purest form of lying.
To pursue some truth and hide all the rest, is the most successful form of lying in general. But here in mathematics it became a self-contained deadlock in the admitted final method of formalism.
Just like above, the assumption of a healthy society that aims for spreading understanding had nothing contradictory, here too, the assumption of a healthy mathematics that spreads its visions instead of its derivations is not contradictory either. The reality of the complete opposites in both cases are tendencies that defy cognum, and again we could conclude that there has to be some deep opposing basic principle in the universe.
This is not true and the understanding of this will be the hardest but most rewarding.
This will be the part that will literally change your life!
This is also the single point of this new idealism that nobody ever captured before and you can only obtain it from me.
The word formalism I will use also with capital to depict this wider sense of lying where we cover up the real bulk of truth by hiding behind a narrow but socially acceptable hard line. Society is practically based on Formalism. Social norms, the legal system and work relations are all Formal communications. But there are three special areas namely Academia, Media and Politics, where this Formalism is connected to a public role. So those who take up these roles are not merely wondering into this field of lies. These are the real creators of the system that defies truth and understanding. And yet they are merely puppets and not conspirators.
They are the weakest and the stupidest, used in something external.
The existence of which will be the promised biggest revelation, obtainable only from me.
This already starts to sound as some religion which of course it is the farthest from.

Religions lure people into believing things they would ridicule in their normal understanding state of mind. The fact that these beliefs are false, can be seen at once by looking at what actions those beliefs determine. Absolutely nothing! The weird dogmas are merely false badges or membership cards. So are these beliefs delusions? No! Delusions would at least cause some actions. What are they then? They must decide some choices. Yes they do. But that’s not action yet. We have to stick to “false beliefs” which is just a milder way of saying “lying to yourself”.
The open society won over even religion to become an other product or commodity. And choosing is promoted by the open society. In fact it’s portrayed as freedom. All this makes much more sense once you realize that lying itself is accepted by the open society.
The atheists may seem to be more honest not to be fooled in such an obvious manner but they live in the same lying society shared by a great majority of “believers”. This then reveals an other feature of the choices. They are not only lies but are easy roads to false superiorities.
To turn against society as such is not only a historically existing line but a continually re lived struggle of the youth. The eternal generational gap. Sometimes it’s just the hidden internal dramas of families and sometimes it is out there too as counter culture.
By the end of the twentieth century the situation became the worst ever. Almost everything already happened before and failed. So the youth of this new millennia has not much to look forward.
To be upset by the lies that  raised us to be intelligent, will never disappear, in fact everybody goes through this conflict. The deeper dig to question our own intelligence is much more rare. Somehow, common sense that we all acquire by that “damned socialization” doesn’t seem to lead anywhere. We learn big words, big names and tend to believe that society is also a continuation from common sense to more stable truths.
But life also forces us to fit into the real society where our personal future plays itself out. We encounter the biggest lie of our life, work. There is only one “escape”. Namely, to be in a better position than the witnessed slavery of the others. This slippery road on the thin ice of lucky advantages is that leads to the real slavery of our minds.
But in these multiple levels of delusions and chasing advantages, there are three distinctive “work places” that determine three very different structure of lies. These are the already mentioned: Academia, Media and Politics.
I will not go into their details, in fact my whole point of revelation will start from claiming something shocking. These social spheres are “supernatural”.
Our whole existence as social creatures is nothing more than experiments of these influencing structures.
The idea of alternate universes was never appealing to me. Our globe is “fucked up” enough on its own I thought.
Then slowly at an older age my personal past started to look very different.
I relived whole hours, sometimes even days and saw vivid details of some crucial “forks” that determined so much later. These were false and irrational decisions that affected many around me. But not all forks of our lives are coming from the inside. In fact, most are coming from the outside and these are blocked at this level of self reflections.
In the peak of this period I received my first revelations that had nothing to do with these deep feelings and I couldn’t understand even half of what I “received”.
Then finally the “social forks” started to appear.
Never in my dreams, where only the personal depressing forks continued and even those only as feelings. This was sobered by restudying all math and science I wrote before. The earlier labeled “blind spots” now became a concrete system. And this was the window through which I was able to realize that social forks exist too.
The crucial root like a pulled out plug, allowed a flood of new details.
This root is the main alternative of our world but my capturing the events was not strictly in time order. In fact the first event I learnt, seemed as merely a weird idea that I didn’t even want to continue to think about. It was Hitler getting a Nobel Peace Prize and accepting it on TV in India. The “root” came later.
The Manhattan Project was revealed by a Nazi sympathizer governor and became a political battle ground in which Hitler himself stepped into. The short version of the second world war became that the Russians lost Moscow and Hitler blamed all bad things on Stalin. Hitler claimed that he only wanted a nation for the Jews and was present at the foundation of Israel, five times the size in our world. The United Nation became a powerful structure and Hitler changed his philosophy from national socialism to international socialism in a book that was the foundation of a new charter.
The Auschwitz movement was an underground organization that wanted to prove by stealing documents that Hitler knew about everything. The world, even Israel was against this. In spite of this lying atmosphere, that world is much better than ours.
I also found out why Hitler was living in India and why he was given the Nobel prize.
He died one year later in 1984. His death was first used as campaign against the Auschwitz movement claiming assassination but this turned out to be a fork in that world.
This sounds like some movie script and I don’t really mind if you regard it that way.
This is so because the real importance comes not from the above explained short main events, rather from the thousands of little details that I have in my head.
Obviously I can not have them in my head, they never entered completely.
To write a poem, to say a single word comes outside of anybody’s brain. If I can explain that then it’s okay to regard these as fantasy too. The truth is not relating to where something comes from. A fact has no verification but can explain many things. That’s my luck. But your luck is that I will explain what you must know and what does not rely on this alternate universe. Eventually, you must visit your alternate universe. The twist is that you can not exist in that one. This reduces the possibilities.
The deepest contradiction is that both the painful personal forks and the final break into a social one bring out something trivial about your assumed reality before. In fact, these forks simply pull away the veil. I called them above as blind spots in math and science.
Formalism or blind abstraction is the trap of Academia that creates the blind spots. My personal life was a fight against this and I even extended the concept of Formalism to the other segments of social lies. But this is just abstraction itself. This was one fundamental realization that came out of these forks for me. So, common sense rules directly everything.  And just because in my own approach this was an incredible journey from the false Formalism, it doesn’t mean a universal necessity. I frequently referred to the existence of a didactical logic that will enable anybody to understand the most complex science. This is true and yet false. I will explain this soon exactly, by common sense.
So, using veils instead of blind spots, the more important part still remains the mentioned deepest contradiction that once the veils are pulled away, the trivial becomes visible. The lie that we knew all along is revealed but this is not a surprise rather a final admission. We actually catch ourselves having lied all along to be able to lied to.
But those who make their living out of publicly lying, the social puppets, now become a whole new category.
Earlier I claimed that work is Formalism. A false abstract existence where we follow rules instead of meanings. As much as this is true, it is itself a false abstraction that ignores the crucial role of “publicly” above. So, to be truly militant about truth is not necessarily avoiding work, rather avoiding the lure of certain works. And this is obvious again. To avoid working could be a weakness to admit that the lure of advantages is very much there but we are “losers”, unable to lie perfectly. So not to lie we must be able to lie. Seeing the lies is distinguishing our lies from other’s that we believed. Only our own lies are binding and causing the painful forks and eventually death.
All this sounds like some deep parable from the new testament and indeed Jesus was a social rebel of the deepest kind. But then how could that social message be lost or turned completely inside out and be used as the worst kind of public lies today? Well, you will see this, once the simplicity of social lies grabs you in the stomach. But as I said, the price is the admission of the complexity of your own lies.
So we made a full circle from the start where religion was portrayed as a money making business to this deeper view as burying and abusing the truth.
The social puppets themselves are only revealed completely, once you see them in an other reality. The pope recently expressed that the Jews were not responsible for the death of Jesus because not all Jews were present at his trial and crucifixion. So the church needed two thousand years to “uncover” this “deep logic”. This is a joke on its own but coming from a pope who was member of the Hitler Jugend is an even better joke. The best joke is this same pope being merely a cardinal in a group next to Hitler. The great leader visited them in a social affair.
L. Ron Hubbard not only met Hitler but became a close friend of him. He forgot to start a religion but became a much more important figure in American history. His so called “Social Reform” redefined the Jefferson principle that equality in opportunities gradually can change the privileges into a force for good.
As I said I do not exist in that world but strangely its mood is not that alien to me. Though it is a full blown capitalism, its spirit is close to the socialism where I grew up. Marxism’s claim that the productions are fundamental to a society is a simple mistake. It merely creates a filtering system of the social existences. The wild capitalism of our world is an extra layer of lies but this is not the point, rather how it reflects into Academia, Media and Politics. The phony “big” issues of our world are solved problems in the alternate world I discovered. “Population Factor”, “Resources Act”, are actual programs, enforced by the United Nation. But that’s not all! Education Standards, Space Data Collection (Space exploration), Business Disclosure, Electronic Free Publication (Internet), Sequence Analysis (genetic mapping) are also run internationally.
A more equal society means simply more individuals getting to a higher level of conflict.
That’s the real advantage of that world.
The conflict itself is to find a meaning beyond consumption and being entertained.
To be creative is a delusion. You are merely a medium. To be part of something bigger is also a delusion. You are always alone. But to combine the two and believe in influencing others socially, is the worst delusion.
Technology is unstoppable and social. This is the root of the false consciousness. Or rather the lack of consciousness. The false belief in the complicatedness of truths became part of our learning. Academia is the main criminal in this. The fact that everything we conceive is actually common sense is the biggest taboo. So we learn more and more rubbish just to get ahead. Getting the degrees and papers that qualify us for better positions.
The silent partner, Media is offering the trivialities. Well chosen pockets of common sense that can lead to nowhere. The background is an even stronger belief in the complicatedness of real truth.
This is our world, the inequality driven totally insane and obviously lying world.
In this world I just saw Charlie Sheen on a roof top shouting and waving a machete. More importantly he wrote a letter to president Obama asking about   9 / 11   as a possible conspiracy. This man is making millions a day but could not spend a day alone thinking by simple common sense.
To see that Obama is a puppet who has absolutely no influence on how things progress, doesn’t require more intelligence than Charlie Sheen possess.
To see that Oswald or the  9 / 11  hijackers were helped by some external coincidences is natural and raising it shows an honesty. But to avoid the simple and straightforward consequence that some historical events are therefore supernatural, and rather assume the completely unrealistic idea of conspiracies, shows the veils I talked about.
These veils exist for Sheen because he didn’t face his real demons, the personal forks. The feeling of those forks are always supernatural. But the supernatural side of the universe can be approached by common sense too.
This rooftop incident or letter writing to Obama could not happen in the other world and not because Charlie Sheen is a better person there but because the Media and Politicians are different. In fact, the persons are the same and as I said the alternate universes are merely social experiments. A better way to see all this is as alternate events. Events are much less than actual human beings. Our infinity exactly starts at realizing the variable events around us. This also means that the better worlds are still bad and dead end realities. But most importantly, from all this uncertainty of the external social realities, it’s not nothing that remains rather a well defined minimal truth, without the fragmented veils and blind spots. This is the eternal truth that we all possess from the start. By learning we simply rediscover it. Then false abstraction takes us again away from the source and then contradictions force us to face the truth again.
Every reality is a struggle to return from it back to truth through understanding.
Nature seems like a pretty fix part of all realities, so those who are reluctant to lie, turn towards science. But this is an illusion too. Life is an unavoidable field of lies.
The opposite approach that starts from life is even more dangerous than avoiding life as a scientific field. Indeed, that approach regards social existence as a given factor not responsible for any particular problem. The problem is bad socialization, the personal past, the buried pain, the blind commands. So, Freud, Reich, Janov, Hubbard all magnified something existing but totally irrelevant into something crucial. In its true essence this is “Anti-Formalism”. It recognizes the lies and Formalism in society but then blames the individuals for all that. Not morally but by cause and effect. The clear cut mistake comes out by its “therapy”. Reliving the past can resolve the mistakes and one can become perfect with perfect open intelligence. The “freed” re-enters the bad world so we can blame the not witnessing of these miracles again by the rest of the individuals. Of course when children are raised by these principles and they merely become dull then the charade becomes trivial.
There are no traumas! Life is a continuous trauma. Society is insane and brings out insanity from all individuals who stop the only meaningful process, understanding.
So, society that initiates intelligence and the search for understanding also lures and forces the mind away from that same process. Then simply divides these insanities into acceptable and non acceptable ones.
Luckily, the original purity of understanding fights back.
One common turning point of all individuals is puberty. The child is infected way before this period with consumption and entertainment. And yet a second chance is given. The meaninglessness of these social values become suddenly evident. This is the root of the eternal generation gap. Those who don’t turn against their parents are already dead neurotic slaves. For the others, a new boost from cognum is released but only a superficial search begins. This trauma of puberty is much more important than any early childhood traumas and defies all those theories that accept the conscious mind as immune. And the struggle continues with less and less hope for breaking away from the spell of society.
Of course, the final and undeniable proof of my philosophy is when the same reliving of events comes about like the over emphasized traumas. It’s not the lack of consciousness as such and not the earliness that matters. It’s the role of these events as forks that counts. This completely external and seemingly objective role that brings about their weight. Of course, we can speculate that maybe at those moments we knew exactly the importance of those bad choices we made but we were somehow hypnotized. This is probably true. The unfolding of reality is a continuous hypnotic state and unfelt source of pain. At turning points the pain is recharged. The unconsciousness is continuous too, namely as avoiding understanding. But at the turning points some extra blindness is added. We could think in terms of fate or whatever, it doesn’t mean anything. The point is that the non understanding states are used by some external forces to exploit our weakness and drive us to the most important life changing decisions. Most importantly, to influence others, to force others into paths they can never even feel as pain only as alternate worlds. So it’s never just personal, its always social too. The potential full social outflow is always there. The alternate social worlds are merely grand consistent personal alternate realities.
So, understanding is the actual cure too. You can not fix up the past, you can only fix up the future. The pain of the past should not be removed rather magnified and carried for ever. To understand the now, is all you can achieve. And there is only one person that can direct you toward such understanding.
John Havas  30th of April 2011.
A third introduction triggered by the Lars Von Trier affair.
I had to add these to my second introduction for three reasons.
One is because as you’ll see there, Hitler is the crucial person at the root of the alternate social reality I discovered. Secondly, I  realized after I published the second introduction that I forgot to mention a crucial classical point, namely yoga. And thirdly I mentioned the true center of Darwinism but it has a non obvious twist that I’ll explain now.
I repeat first that the trauma or personal past principle of the “life approach” is false.
Freud, Reich, Janov, Hubbard were all blind to the most vital point.
Namely, that the root of all human conflict is socialization and this is induced by the conflicts in society not in the human mind. This is an easy side result of “cognum”.
But the wider, “life versus science” question itself is an unavoidable conflict of all honest thinkers. So these personal trauma initiators were motivated by a very honest and vital point. To capture life. The fact that they pretended to start from scratch and forgot to mention their predecessors is a sign of their human weakness. Itself a social evil that they couldn’t overcome themselves. A simple proof of their failure from outside.
Those who want to derive life from science or ignore life in favor of science all end up in deeper and deeper denial. The most obvious reduction of life to science is evolution. This is materialism in its concreteness. By this view, there is no mystery behind matter. All mysteries are caused by matter. The individual history of nature and individuals, are of course not derivable by material laws alone. Laws merely correlate conditions. So we observe some things and then the laws can tell some others. This freedom of life and history is obvious to everyone just as the freedom of our subjectivity. The in-between lying strictly material history of the cosmos was not obvious at all. That’s where real science physics started by Newton. The additional element that the laws are mathematical, was elevated to the highest form by Kepler. But he regarded these mathematical laws as individual rules laid down by God. Newton created a whole new universe. The mathematical laws of matter. Our universe must obey this wider universe. It is a particular case of all possibilities. The difference of this, from a directly mathematical God, is evident at the planets. Kepler’s fourth law that told the distances of each known planets from the sun by geometrical rules, is a fiction. Firstly, because he didn’t know all planets but more importantly, because there is no such rule. The planets formed randomly. In fact, quite surprisingly even the location and the size are random and don’t relate to each other by a rule. On contrary, the distance from the sun does determine the orbiting time that is the year length of the planet as Kepler correctly realized it. So the cosmos is not totally determined either. This was shocking at Newton’s time but is accepted today as trivial. Amazingly it is not due to the correct understanding of Newton’s physics rather to the sheer knowledge of the bigger picture, stars and galaxies.
One of the saddest moments of human history was when the greatest idealist philosopher, Hegel expressed that the number of planets has to be seven. More than hundred years after Newton, the greatest philosopher had no idea about the meaning of physics. And of course he had no idea about the meaning of mathematics either. This sad fact reflects most evidently the separation of science and philosophy.
Now if the universe is partially random then how do we explain the facts that are not consequences of natural laws but still seem to be strange?
Religion of course can say that these are the direct proofs of God.
Evolution is an opposite scientific religion that can claim that all strangeness evolved.
That may include human intelligence or not, depending on the personal feelings of the materialist. The surprising fact is that:
The limit of true evolution is its original version, the biological evolution of Darwin.
And true Darwinism is exactly Darwin and nothing more! So to understand Darwin’s simple truth is absolutely vital.
Mathematics, physics, chemistry and finally biology is a four layered onion with a mysterious question, which is the inside and which is outer most layer. But apart from this question, even just regarding them as layers on top of each other, the most important crucial fact is that there is a tunnel connecting mathematics with biology directly.
Darwin discovered this tunnel. He realized also that this tunnel is imbedded into the complicatedness of the layers themselves. So, for this direct tunnel to be true it only can involve some very limited mathematics and very limited biology. Instead of analyzing these limitations, he very wisely made a black and white sharp restriction in his field, biology, where the claim is total, perfectly true. This is the origin of species. So his choice as title of his book expresses perfectly how far evolution is definitely true. The origin of species by natural selection is a most trivial and yet most surprising truth. Comparable to the falling of bodies. The deeper layers behind the fact that the species evolved by statistical primitive mathematical rules is evident because life is complex. A similar depth behind the simplicity of bodies falling the same way is not visible but also exists. A further similarity was the second blow to religion. The first blow was that the earth is not the center of the universe. After the more naïve versions by Galileo and Kepler, the real proof that the earth is not a center, was given by Newton. Physics was created as a much wider tunnel connecting reality with mathematics. The church was not stupid. To see that, you have to read cardinal Bellarmino’s letter to a friend of Galileo. A similar smart reply to Darwin was not issued to my knowledge.
To see that objects fall with same accelerations was hard because our eyes are too slow.
This has a twist because not seeing the acceleration induces the even more false deduction that heavier object fall faster. So the blind spot could survive for thousands of years. Here in biology our eyes are to fast. We can not conceive the thousands of generations as merely a statistical reality. We bred dogs and cats, made artificial selections by choosing from the litters. So we knew that the features of animals are not only determined by some mysterious materials in their sperms and eggs, but these have variations or mutations. Selecting always the special looking animals we also selected the special mutated sperms and eggs. So in a few hundred generations we achieved all mutated individuals. The new features became the average. Once you see this simple reality behind breeding, the idea is obvious: Nature can do the same, except much less drastically selecting and thus much slower. The whole question of how the sperms and eggs can contain the features of an animal is avoided. Most importantly, the absurd assumption that individual life can have a feedback and alter the sperms and eggs is avoided too. So, the giraffe’s behavior of eating the leafs doesn’t have to influence the sperms and eggs. Eating leaves is a start and those who can eat more, are stronger, have greater chance of survival and thus will be selected. This means actually a selection of these sperms and eggs inside these individuals and that’s why their features become the average. But there is a tiny little detail that is crucial and was left out! This selection of certain mutated sperms and eggs would only explain at first that the fittest possible mutations of a population become the average. So the giraffe couldn’t be such extremely long necked, longer than any individual of the ancient population. We missed an important factor, namely that mutation is continuing. In a sense, this slows down the selection because long necked individuals can have mutated shorter neck determining sperms and eggs. But also they can be mutated to cause even longer necks. So the selection is not merely a selection but in a slower pace a climbing of the averages themselves. An evolution of the population itself is happening. This is the true evolution of the species.
This avoids not only the insane idea of the individual life altering the sperms and eggs, purposefully by some mysterious biochemical process, but also the just as insane idea that God created all species simultaneously and perfectly purposefully for their lives in  nature. Mind you, nature itself was changing on earth.
How the sperms and eggs can determine the animals in general is a much wider problem.
Biological evolution doesn’t answer that. But the separation of species is a much simpler reality and completely determined by evolution or rather natural selection.
The left out, unanswered mysteries have three crucial layers. The “morphological paradox”, the “brain content paradox” and the “isomorphism paradox”. The first is simply the “kitten paradox” why a kitten is always a perfect kitten. The second is the paradox of instincts and the third of human intelligence.
But our point is now the simple truth of the statistical biological evolution. A simple law of numbers in biology.
A corresponding new true evolution is the Big Bang. A tunnel in the tunnel. Namely a Darwinian tunnel in Newton’s new tunnel, physics. The biological ignorance of neo Darwinism has its counter part as the insane remarks we just heard not long ago from Stephen Hawking how he can explain “finally” everything without God.
But these are mistakes inside science and have nothing to do with the “life approach”.
This starts with meanings already assumed. In fact the originator Freud, assumed the wildest of these meanings. Feelings associated with such deep non scientific meanings was always there but it became emphasized more and more by the followers.
The simple fact is that these meanings split in two.
Some are eternal, beyond matter. This is “cognum” the root of understanding.
This has no emotional content. The rest are all social filterings. Silver platters and golden cages. Nothings, that mean everything. The roads of awakenings and total despairs.
These are the emotional roller-coasters that make life hard and yet worthwhile.
To understand is to organize these, and this is not simply an avoidance.
In fact, art is to become a medium emotionally. The other direction of being medium is to narrow the field of understanding, to turn away from life. But in these states, history, life still rules and we are not in control. Society is that manipulates us.
The deepest ancient wisdom of Yoga is the recognition of this social influence and also the simple rule that can lead to its individual confrontation.
This rule is:  Be Still!
Not like at the dentist for a few seconds, rather for two weeks. Without television, without phone without smoking, drinking and talking nonsense.
Two weeks all it takes. No pills, no therapy and no theory.
But this is merely a confrontation. The blind spots are much deeper. Yoga can merely show you that blind spots exist. And also reveal hidden emotional contents of your personal past. The forgotten and never realized forks. This is pure emotion and always pain. Unlike the states of being medium that is the source of joy.
Now back to Hitler!
He never went back to yoga even though he did spend much longer times than two weeks in total isolation. This is so because he was possessed. He was a puppet on a mission.
This still requires a commitment. He was a vegetarian and an admirer of Krishna.
But not a devotee of Krishna. He missed the whole point of the Bhagavad-Gita. He never understood the weakness of Arjuna. He only believed in himself and in the last days he simply deduced that the Germans don’t deserve him.
National socialism is a lie. A much simpler lie than communism. International socialism is a more complex lie than communism. In our world this lie is forging right now. In the alternate one I discovered, it was evolving from national socialism by Hitler himself.
So, to understand how Hitler could believe in such a primitive lie national socialism, you have to see him succeed and reach to international socialism. But puppets on a mission are still puppets. The much bigger “but” is that all politicians and all social or public liars are such puppets.
Hitler’s belief that the Jews are a force against national socialism was true. The belief that eliminating the Jews the population becomes pure is an insanity. Being Jew is not a question of race. His remark “I decide who is a Jew” seems to show a glimpse of sanity but not really. The basic insanity was the belief in a pure mass of people. He simply was not aware of that individuality is bigger than social progress. This is a counter blindness of the “Jefferson principle”. Jefferson believed that a social system can channel the inequalities toward a fair purification of the individuals. We see that the opposite is true. Greed and preservation or increase of the undeserved advantages is the direction. The social structures are merely lying systems to accept this tendency. Keep the masses in consumption and entertainment. Living in denial or trivial acceptance of the tendency of greed and inequality.
A public role in acting towards a belief is always a special lie. A politician, a puppet is acting calculatedly. Otherwise he can’t even survive. Speaking publicly is always acting for a politician. But a politician is always a demagogue. Bush was a primitive demagogue. Obama is an eloquent demagogue.
So an artist speaking his mind is sliding on thin ice. Either he is lying because he doesn’t speak his true feelings or he is lying because he opened his mouth publicly and doesn’t see that the forum is a lie.
So we are back to Lars Von Trier.
His stupidity caught up with him. Spending two weeks alone would be a good start but it wouldn’t be enough. He should learn a lot of things too.
Tarantino’s ridiculous film about Hitler was a much bigger intellectual crime than Trier’s remarks. And the world adores Tarantino. This is what Triers should understand first, before he opens his mouth about Hitler.
John Havas  20th of May 2011   Sydney Australia.
Fourth introduction.
Probably I was the only one who read carefully the previous three. But that’s okay because it lead to this morning, when I became charged up and overcame my skepticism again.
The word cognum comes from cognition, that is understanding and this “-um” form claims that behind all the possible complicated things we try to understand, lies an original ability, namely that we can understand at all. Not as a race but as individuals.
So I am not talking about the social progress of science, technology or civilization.
In fact, a quite opposite emphasis lies behind this word.
This individual ability is the essence of a sheer common sense that seemingly we all possess automatically. To see this, is hard because we learn so many facts and opinions as we grow up and those cover up this eternal and cosmic spine. But all those blindly accepted facts and opinions rely on this spine.
There are two directions that were clearly aware of this essence from the beginnings of our recorded history. One is philosophy the other mathematics. These are the two ends of a line relying on thinking alone. Originally they were closely related. Plato wrote above the Academy that non one should enter without the knowledge of geometry. The long history of how and why things deteriorated is unimportant now.
Both mathematics and philosophy are in a crisis today and most people are not even aware of this. This dead end of both are related to their original blindness.
As I said, they were the two ends of a line relying on thinking alone, and yet they assumed the essence that made them viable roads without mentioning its role.
Philosophy wanted to understand the totality of the universe. Trying to achieve this, it was not the missing assumption of cognum rather the wild other assumptions that made it questionable. Mathematics went oppositely, tried to assume as little as possible and make its claim unquestionable. The missing of understanding itself lead to Formalism. Provability became an objective fact but its irrelevance to understandable truth became an inner contradiction. So, in a very definite sense mathematics became the winner and made philosophy look like a looser without formalizable final objective content.
But those who are in the inner circle of creating new formalisms know very well that Formalism is a lie and true mathematics is itself philosophy. The epigones, the parrots and monkeys just pick up the final forms and play with them.
This mathematical analogy is very useful to regard the wider field of social behavior as Formalism too. A denial of common sense as an absolute and reliable yardstick.
Just as Academia, the social actions, the legal system and politics became Formalism too.
Finally the new third pillar of Formalism beside Academia and Politics is the Media.
This is the final seal, an opposite abuse of common sense and this is that now accelerates the whole process because early education is replaced by this.
Television is the coffin of cognum.
But Formalism itself is an original tendency. The first major occurrence was Euclid’s struggle to axiomatize parallelity. The three everyday and clear appearances of parallelity were simply melted into a logical web, where derivability was the main concern. This ancient contradiction is how I started my book in this site titled “New Math”. As I explain there too, to blame Euclid would be not quite fair and yet he initiated something horrible.
The fact that today geometry is avoided in elementary schools has a natural history.
Algebraization was a necessity and it is not a dead end itself. In fact, a much better and new entry into mathematics is the “word problems”. After the second world war, in the Soviet Union an amazing educational breakthrough was created by Larichev. His “Collection Of Algebraic Problems” is a universal road to mathematics. So we could replace Plato’s sign and write above the entrance of a new Academy: “No one should enter who can not solve word problems”. But of course there is no New Academy. More importantly an intentional falsification and Formalization of mathematics is happening at elementary school already. The shocking truth is that mathematics shouldn’t even be a subject. It should be part of Physics. The avoidance of physics is to make mathematics even more detached from reality. It is a devious trap to make most kids hate math and to turn those who don’t, into more reliable Formalists.
But all these mathematico-philosophical points that seemingly dominate this site in its articles, are unimportant. We have to return a much simpler problem of cognum.
This deep universal ability comes only alive through human intelligence and thus socialization. So, it’s easy to claim that we simply learn to understand. We can even claim that social progress, civilization is the real magic.
This line of logic is the deepest darkness the individual mind can sink into.
The strangest fact is that this is exactly the line of two ends. The mind set of the conservative powerful masters and the helpless slaves.
This then might suggest that actually a power struggle is the real essence of mankind.
So then, first of all, the real motor is social and not individual and it is not even about understanding rather possession and power. Then the importance of understanding is simply technology to increase production but this itself is only important through consumption. The new pillar Media, is adding the consumption of entertainment. So the Roman’s yearly “circus and bread” is the essence of the masses. Individuality is simply to have more, to be more powerful, to be master and not slave.
Now that I made it sound as bad as it is possible, very few people would accept it as a declaration of belief. And yet it depicts reality so well that we have to stop and question if at least a second deeper force is present. So, with a religious analogy, we could say that:
The understanding individual is God.
The manipulative society is the Devil.
The ancient realization of a truth behind this over simplification was Yoga.
It avoided the over simplification by giving an actual road to see the truth behind.
This road says:  Be Still !
This of course means not acting in a wider sense, that is not reacting either, so to be alone and not just for few minutes. In our present world about two weeks is needed to confront yourself. No entertainment, no drinking, no smoking, no friends and empty talking, no therapy and no theory. Just two weeks out of the self induced chains of deceptions.
The ancient wisdom of Yoga has been rediscovered many times.
The last rediscoverer was Timothy Leary.
Most people have a false impression that this was merely an associational rediscovery by affiliation with eastern philosophy. This is totally wrong! Leary discovered a new layer.
The famous new road of Leary, replacing “Be Still” by “Turn on, tune in, drop out” may give an even falser impression but the term “establishment” hid the actual new philosophy. The sixties and the hippies can not be regarded as a social experiment. It was the eternal trait bubbling up the last time in a social form. A contradiction itself but not in the negative sense that it was false, rather that it became true too much. Leary turning into a clown later does not diminish this. It is the “wizened” old hippies that are the sad abominations. Jane Fonda selling wrinkle cream on television, Bob Dylan living in Malibu, Neil Young investing in green cars, are traitors of everything that they never really understood. And that is simply a problem of art and artists.
On that line between mathematics and philosophy lies a lot of dangerous traps.
From all these, there is a crucial point that is relevant to understand cognum a bit better:
The early socialization, learning to walk and talk is a deep mystery. The awakening of human intelligence goes hand in hand with the learning to lie and even worse with the attachment to things. And yet this potentially perfectly initiated child will get a second chance at puberty. The purity of cognum is at work here, opposing all falsities of society.
This is the eternal generation gap.
The child who doesn’t turn against its parents is already dead. A well trained slave.
But those who rebel can also only end up in dead tracks today.
This second falling prey to society is the crucial start of the personal forks.
Passions, loves, betrayals, broken hearts, social conformity, outrageous trials to break free, jobs and money to buy things to forget the work. This second socialization is where God is bleeding behind us. And the simple truth is that:
We are lost in matter.
But we can only conceive this state of being lost, in terms of time, that is, as the forks.
The choices we made and thus failed to travel the alternatives.
This is the emotional content of Yoga. Facing the pain of being in matter.
We are not feeling sorry for ourselves, rather for all others that we influenced. Betrayed by simply influencing them. This is the root of post natal depression, the healthiest and most honest of all human emotional reactions.
Cognum has nothing to do with all this.
It is not dependant on matter, it is not dependant on our human form and it has no emotional content. It is the root of sanity behind all contradictory and paradoxical states.
But why should we care so much about such neutral purity beyond matter?
Is it some kind of Nirvana? A calm bliss? No! It is not a goal for us to achieve! It is simply a goal to relate to others.
If you can make someone to see something that he or she failed to see before, then this influence and only this influence is void from the abuse of time.
So, teaching is the only Godly action. It still has a catch because this becomes a course of action. But its motivation, to make the other fully see what you see, is perfectly pure.
To take away the blind spot about anything, can only be positive.
It might not be life changing and it shouldn’t be.
The easiest place to start spreading understanding would be mathematics and science.
The fact that it is not happening is a sign of the age and the society we live in.
It also shows that the primary false structure of society is Academia.
Its goal is to be door to the world instead of being window to the universe.
It gives degrees to make more money with less work.
The crucial point of departure from life as random interactions, is an intentional public influencing of others. The first place is Academia where the false teaching is happening.
The two other playgrounds of the Devil are Politics and Media with very particular and specific system of lies.
Every work is a Formalism. But an office worker being an asshole and protecting the establishment is very different from the systematic and active parts required in lying publicly in these three places, Academia, Politics and Media.
Of course, we all know how society is lying at every second but exactly this “of course” is that should be taken out from the sentence. Firstly we don’t really see it any more and secondly we accept it as unavoidable. So, Leonard Cohen’s song “Everybody knows” is again a failure of art. It actually conserves the problem.
The only action against the lies is concrete understanding. The belief that all truth is understandable by common sense is the only thing that can defy both actual lies and skepticism.
There are two opposite direction from which the crucial enlightening role of cognum is paralyzed. One tries to replace understanding with some truth in nature, the other in society.
The already mentioned Formalism is actually the other way of saying this same thing.
Even the purest, mathematical Formalism is simply a truth. Namely, the derivability.
In physics then strangely this Formalism, that is avoiding to see the why, can be justified by being experimentally true. Galileo invited the priests of Pisa and tried to show how objects fall and thus refute Aristotle. Three hundred years later Darwin went to Galapagos to prove what he already knew or rather what he already saw.
To tell simply what they saw didn’t even occur to them because they were afraid that it wouldn’t be enough. They didn’t realize that by accepting this defensive position they actually gave up on a much more important principle. Newton was just as reluctant to even publish his results.
In the second introduction I explained the falling of bodies through Warner Brothers cartoons and in the third introduction the heuristic simplicity of the natural selection by the example of the giraffe. If you don’t give a damn about understanding anyway then you wont bother to read these and there is no point of repeating them here again either.
If you are not bothered by not understanding why an airplane flies then have nice life.
The other direction accepts life in society being healthy by obeying society.
Obviously it doesn’t pursue such understandings either. This already proves how false this life approach is but its contradictions are internal too. According to them, the problems of life are all some remains of traumas. The continuous struggle of life against the insanities of society is missed. Strangely, these “trauma doctors” all accepted the insanity of society in principle but didn’t push this direction. Simply, because they were waiting for a social recognition and in that case everything is okay with society.
I hope this fourth introduction helped just that little bit more to push you over the point where you want to understand things by yourself. If you believe in that this is possible and then realize that the basic problem with the world is to keep you blind, then you already see everything.
John Havas  29th of May 2011
Fifth introduction. An appendix on the trivial and the mysterious.
The trivial doesn’t mean that it is recognized! The already emphasized blind spots are exactly a special case of this fact. We can even accept blind spots in a more general meaning, including our deceptions of perceptions on one end and the social spells on the other end, and then cognum is simply intelligence overcoming the blind spots.
The two examples I detailed in the earlier introductions were the gravitational falling of bodies and the origin of species by natural selection. Both are trivialities and remained secrets for thousands of years. The separation of species is totally “caused” by selection but the biological existence is not. The three crucial levels of the mysteries are:
Individual bodies as formally restricted results of cellular multiplications.
This is the “morphological” paradox.
Behaviors or abilities without learning. This is what we usually call instincts.
The mystery is not that these are successful in the environments, but that they are      reflexes stored in the brain which itself is a cellular form. So, the brain as special cell set has beyond its morphological mystery a functional mystery. No other organ has this mystery!!! For example, the heart’s functioning is a simple biochemically explainable process, once we accept its morphology.
This is the “brain content” paradox.
There is a finer split in the brain content mystery according to the failing of selection to explain it. Think about nest building, migration and an eagle that throws a stone to the egg to open it. Also think about why it is different from a chimpanzee using straw to suck out ants or honey.
Human intelligence has its universal form as creating isomorphic models that go beyond the obvious objective isomorphic forms, to isomorphic rule systems.
This means isomorphisms among  our own reactions beyond mere perceptions.
The lion sees a tiny zebra far away but “knows” that it’s a real zebra. This is not intelligence merely an isomorphism in the world of perceptions.
The rat learns in few minutes a complex labyrinth, but it will never be able to learn that the rule was left, left, right, left. So in a new maze with longer tunnels but same turn sequence he has to re-learn it. A human can remember the rules.
Most amazing case is when a child learns the rules of chess and instantly applies it to any totally different sized board and pieces.
Language is a special systematic application of this “isomorphism” principle.
The role of society in bringing out intelligence is itself an added mystery but the real mystery is the second phase of society to suppress intelligence when it wants to go back to cognum. Puberty and the role of sexuality in the struggle of cognum versus matter are the real detailed mysteries.
I hinted a totally different mystery, namely that the gravitational fall, which seems so simple compared to the aboves, has its own background mysteries. This is related to the old point paradoxes of Zeno and the undecidability of the Continuum Hypothesis.
But back to the previous line, we can still realize elementary mysteries between the three levels. Form is the base of the intelligence infiltrated, human sexuality. This splits into body and face. A further mystery on its own, which was mysteriously opened to me more than a decade ago in the “revelations”. (See in Philosophy).
The much deeper particularity than the “look” is the inner depth, we simply call the soul.
This is the second most mysterious concept after God.
I didn’t utter this word in the earlier introductions.
Most people falsely identify it with the self that is beyond matter. But not believing in anything beyond matter, it remains an empty word.
When this nothing is shouted out from the arena of lies like “Oprah’s soul searchings”, then it becomes an abomination in the devil’s playground.
The real role of the soul is only its role in acquiring cognum.
The fact that there are individuals attracted to cognum, while others are attracted to life is an undeniable fact. But unlike the luck in forms, that is in beauty that has no object, the soul can change! Cognum is accessible to everyone and that’s the only way to progress the soul. Understanding and spreading understanding is the simple road to salvation. But these two split up and this is a source of basic contradiction. All this was clear in the ancient Yoga already. But beside the particularity in form and soul, a general destined birth circumstance was conceived too. According to this, being born into a rich family is old Karma too. This shows that a full Karmic destination is controversial and can not be taken oversimplified. The deeper reason of all these is that:
The survival of the soul after death is inconceivable to us at our present level.
Matter, time, forks and destiny is existing in harmony but not for us yet.
We simply have to avoid thinking about this because it is not supported by cognum.
A whole arsenal of urgent understandings tower in front of us instead.
An actual counter concept of the soul is money!!!
To think about this, is the easiest concrete road to the soul.
Jesus laid down an axiom connecting the two:
The camel gets through the eye of a needle easier than a rich man could get to heaven.
There are no ifs and no buts here.
And yet nowadays in TV land the financial success is a sign from the Lord.
How more obvious can the devil be?
But we have to be scientific about this too.
And indeed, gravitation and selection has a third partner, a fundamental law of the social material growth.
Production, this external side of the trap of consumption, I only mentioned externally too.
The last century played out everything and I wanted to emphasize the how, not the why.
To see that Hitler was the crucial fork, can also be expressed as:
National socialism is actually the root of international capitalism.
This shows already that Hitler was the biggest liar, the ultimate prototype of all future politicians.
Unlike, in natural selection, where the “behind” is a concrete sequence of mysteries and in gravitation where we see nothing yet, here in the unstoppable rise of the international capitalism or the “empire of money”, the law itself is an obvious taboo.
To say that the rich gets richer or the scissor opens wider, means nothing in itself.
So, the mentioned Leonard Cohen song is not part of the solution but part of the problem.
Marx’s recognition of the law was also important only theoretically. To call it extra profit adds to the picture but doesn’t really solve the bigger problem. This bigger problem was his very mistake in believing that people can change and go beyond consumption by new social systems.
So the real acid test was the fall of communism and it split in two.
Russia became anti co Europe and China became anti co America.
To see how real stupidity, the blindness to the simple rule of capitalism can linger with overcomplicated theories, I will refer to a program I just saw here in Australia:
We are in a special position because China is our number one buyer of raw materials.
I don’t know why but in this program the third speaker was an English “philosopher” and he emphasized the bad human rights of China. Vividly telling that most objects we buy will contain parts or labels manufactured by enslaved political prisoners.
The bullshit of free democracies as a veil to cover our eyes from the insane inequalities was working in full effect here. This is natural because this “philosopher” never worked a productive day in his life and is consuming more than hundred persons in any under developed country. So, for this nimrod the simple facts are taboos.
Here are some simple facts:
A Hollywood bus boy on minimal wage earns in one hour as much as an assembly line girl in Shanghai in a week.
But the real reason the US can use China as a slave camp is because slavery in a different form is the motor in the US itself. Indeed, a Hollywood doctor earns in one hour what the bus boy makes in a week.
So Marx’s discovery of the extra profit ratio is a simple arithmetical reality of the present.
It became not less true but more and more. In fact it’s not a law of production alone.
And yet these obscenities of modern capitalism are not the points.
The fact that our blindness can remain without any induced thought process to see that it is a dead end road, is the real point. The social lies are a bigger reality than the contradictions in social material progress.
To finish with an other local, Australian event that reflects this, I recall the last week’s scandal about the live cow export to Indonesia.
A heroic ex cop woman filmed in dozens of slaughter houses. To me the most shocking was the footage that showed no physical torture rather the cow seeing the others slaughtered and shaking in fear. The next day after the show was aired, the politicians stepped in and stopped the exports.
Our demagogue prime minister acted as true politician too. Calculatedly!
But there is a deeper calculatedness and lie of the media that our hero the ex cop animal welfare woman can not escape either!
She knows that the Indonesian worker who kicked the lying cow’s head repeatedly, is himself an animal. But of course we can not say this on TV. We can not even talk about the soul in such program. For Oprah it’s okay to “save” the housewives. Advertising books like the “The seat of the soul” by an other, even worse liar.
To see behind the “events” you have to see behind what you are shown. And we all do, because we already know we are lied to. But our filterings are over complicated. We have to return to common sense, catch the straight out lies and recognize our soul through this.
To see the devil, you have to stop consuming and being entertained.
John Havas 12th of June 2011.