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Didactical Gems
Behind The Guitar Chords
Behind Two Theorems of Fermat

Behind The Pythagoras Theorem 

Behind The Two Classic Results Of Euclid About Primes
Cauchy Riemann Equations 
Collatz Conjecture
English Verb Order

Farey Sequences

Fundamental Theorem of Algebra
Fundamental Theorem Of Arithmetic 

Halting Calculus

Inequalities of Means 
Infinity Of Primes
Laws of Large Numbers

Light And Time, Basic Relativity 



Power Remainders, Euler's Theorem 

Power Sum Formulas 


Rise of the Machine
Rubik Cube

Rubik Cube (One Page)

Rubik Cube (Three Page) 


Sophie Germain's Theorems

Square Sums 

The Contact Restriction Problem 

The f-widening Theorem - Cantor-Dedekind-Zermelo 

The Five Simple Facts About The Mandelbrot Set

The Impossible Machine Theorems - Turing-Kleene-Rice 

The Seventh Wonder